What Is Counseling?

If you’ve been living in this culture for a while you might have some of these ideas about counseling floating around in your head. Counseling has been mistakenly defined as:

  • You’re ready for the looney bin.
  • It’s a crutch for “weak” people.
  • It’s for people who like nasal gazing (they’re too into themselves).
  • It’s for those folks who want to get psycho “analyzed”?
  • Counseling is none of these. More percisely…
  • Counseling helps with problems in living through an interaction with a trained professional.

Here’s a more accurate bullet-list:

  • It offers a way to gain perspective on your behaviour, emotions and relationships.
  • It provides a means to express your feelings and identify patterns of thinking.
  • It alleviates anxiety, depression and anger in their many forms.
  • It helps develop communication skills for dealing with conflict and frustration.
  • It is a means for addressing pain, working through loss and adding meaning to your life.

And, it may or may not include any of the following methods: advice giving, instruction, skill development, process consultation and/or opinion.

But you’re missing the boat if that’s all you think counseling is.  Call or Email Us to find out more.