LifeWorks Referral Policy

At LifeWorks, we believe in the importance of helping people to find and develop the resources they need to meet their goals.  Most often, we have the skills and opportunities to be one of those key resources through personal counseling, therapy, life coaching, psychological assessment, and consultations.  Sometimes, however, for a variety of reasons, we might not be the best source of help. That’s why we’re happy to help people to find alternative resources from other professionals or other sources.  We’re never afraid to refer, and that reflects our commitment to your health and well-being.  So, whether it’s a referral for other sources of help to compliment the work we’re doing with you (e.g. to a psychiatrist, a financial planner, a fitness specialist, or others), or a referral to someone who has greater expertise, time or resources than we can bring to your needs, we draw on our collaborative relationships with others in the local and national communities to help point you in a good direction.  Our motto is, if we can’t help (or do the whole job) ourselves, we’re glad to make suggestions and referrals elsewhere.

If you’re wondering if we can help, or what sort of help might work best for you, just call us at 843.971.5171 for a free, no-obligation conversation or email us

Find additional community resources on our Community Resources Page.