A clinical assessment of behavior is an objective, comprehensive, and highly reliable behavior rating scale that is closely aligned with current diagnostic criteria which are widely recognized by all certified clinical Psychotherapists. Standardized on a large representative national sample, a clinical assessment of behavior assists in the identification of children, adolescents and adults across a wide age range who are in need of behavioral, educational, or psychiatric treatment or intervention. It enables professionals to identify behaviors associated with relevant exceptionalities.

An assessment of behavior offers a balanced theoretical framework of both competence-based qualities and problem-based concerns, making it useful for evaluating adaptive strengths and clinical risks. Behaviors are assessed that reflect current societal concerns about these behaviors (e.g., bullying, aggression, executive function, gifted and talented). It includes both Parent and Teacher Rating Forms (in the case of children and adolescent students), thus providing a multisource, multicontext assessment of children and adolescent behaviors.